Vaccinations play an important part in preventative health treatment against potentially harmful viruses or diseases. Taylor-Mohrs can offer advice on the most appropriate vaccinations for employees or private individuals.

Providing flu vaccinations for your staff can reduce the risk of winter absenteeism, keeping your organisation running at optimum levels in often busy periods.

Cervical cancer vaccination can help to protect many women against the two most common cancer causing types of HPV. For women over 18 who are ineligible for free vaccination but wish to receive it privately,Taylor-Mohrs offers both types of vaccine currently available.

You can also find additional information about cervical cancer and vaccination at

All our vaccinations are performed by our own qualified medical and nursing staff and can be given at your place of work or at our own consulting rooms in Clifton, Bristol.

Our vaccinations include:

  • Flu vaccinations
  • Cervical cancer vaccination
  • Hepatitis B vaccination
  • Sewage workers/other exposed worker vaccinations
  • Travel vaccinations (please see our Travel health page for more details)

To discuss any aspect of our vaccination service or to arrange a no obligation consultation, please contact us at Taylor-Mohrs on 0117 906 4227 or

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