The 2009 CIPD Absence Management report found that "the involvement of occupational health professionals is the most effective approach for managing long-term absence."

We agree - the Taylor-Mohrs approach has greatly reduced our clients rates of sickness absence as well as the time and costs lost.

A significant proportion of employee health issues stem from long-term sickness absence, particularly when that absence is deemed to have gone beyond what is considered reasonable.

A proactive approach towards this problem can do much to radically improve it, if not eradicate it altogether, helping to reduce costs caused by sickness absence and maintain a healthy, motivated workforce.

Our absence management services include:

  • Advice on reducing short and long-term sickness absence
  • Medical examination and report
  • Fitness to work report
  • Equality Act 2010 advice (superseding the Disability Discrimination Act)
  • Health and Safety at Work Act advice

To discuss any aspect of sickness and absence management or to arrange a no obligation consultation, please contact us at Taylor-Mohrs on 0117 906 4227 or

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