As senior partner in a medical practice for over 20 years and an experienced occupational health practitioner, Rick Taylor has been focusing on health and professional welfare for most of his working life.

Dr Rick Taylor

Following his years working within a hospital environment and subsequent training as a GP, Rick found himself practicing medicine in Avonmouth, the centre of Bristol's industrial heartland. Many of his patients also worked in this part of the South West and he soon became interested in the effect on their health of working within a predominantly heavy industry sector.

This interest led him to undertake the Diploma in Occupational Medicine, which he passed in 1995, before deciding to specialise in this field whilst continuing in general practice on a part-time basis. He went on to study for the Faculty of Occupational Medicine membership exams, which he passed in 1999, and has steadily increased his occupational medicine practice since, leading to the inception of Taylor-Mohrs.

According to Rick the benefits of taking a proactive stance to occupational health within a business environment is manifold.

'The field of occupational health is extensive. The first and often most common area in which I become involved is sickness absence management. Early intervention and advice when employees are off sick can enable a much quicker return to work and help both the employer and employee to remain engaged in the rehabilitation process. I can also advise on cases where the Equality Act 2010 is involved and what an employer's responsibilities are in regard to other legal aspects of occupational health.'

Rick prides himself on his ability to translate 'medical speak' into informed dialogue that is both relevant and easily digestible, as well as on the unique clarity of the personal approach he adopts with his clients.

'When I first discuss occupational heath with a business I will go and meet the people involved to ascertain their requirements. Sometimes they may be unsure as to what is required and I can then talk through their problems with them and also highlight areas I feel may need addressing. I will then work with them to develop a programme tailored to their needs, maintaining contact with the business as they develop these areas.'

Providing a friendly, approachable service, Rick has developed Taylor-Mohrs to be accessible and responsive, providing accurate advice at an early stage before resolvable issues become costly problems for his client's business.

Rick Taylor
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